Alliance of Free Stars

The Alliance of Free Stars (AFS) is the major political entity in the tamer parts of the galaxy. It’s major client races are the alfar, garrix, hanan, and miikharr, though it does have immigrants and natives from a smattering of other sentient races.

Although the AFS does have a complex representative republic system of government in place, it is impotent and most policy is decided by the Council of the Twelve (or simply the Twelve). The Twelve actually has 36 voting members, 3 each from the 12 largest corporations in the AFS. Each of the companies with representatives in the Twelve has ownership and autonomy that spans multiple star systems and each has a standing military of its own, separate from the AFS Defense Force. Politics within the Twelve is full of infighting, conflict, and assassinations.

Council of Twelve Member Corporations

Eridan Industries Trading Company (EITCo)
Veridian Dynamics (VeriDyn)
APEX Industries (APEX)
Sha-Shou Hosu (SSHosu)
Hedion Conglomerate (Hedion)
Chume’da Information Technology Systems, Inc. (CITSI)
Protostar Securities (ProtoSec)
Madrigal Polyphonic Synergies (MPS)
Bluer Skies Unlimited (BluSky)
Taggart Scope (Scope)
Piknoto-Lithodic Zaitech Needs Operations (PLZNO)
UTHER Holdings (UTHER)

Alliance of Free Stars

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