The garrix are a tall, sturdily built avian species that that takes great pride in discipline and order.

1. Biology

Garrix are the descendants of apex predator raptors. They have intense, forward faces eyes, powerful running legs, and strong mandibles adjacent to their mouths. Each hand has three main fingers and one opposable digit, while the feet are anisodactyl, with three forward facing toes and one at the rear of the foot. All digits end in strong claws. Much like Old Earth birds, garrix do walk on their toes.

As a product of the less stable magnetic field on their home world, garrix have developed several traits in order to resist solar radiation. They have sections of carapace that give them a crest and make their bodies look like they are partially made from pieces of light armor, soft scales all over, and feathers atop their heads, all of which have a metallic sheen that guard against radiation.

Male and female garrix are fairly indistinguishable to outsiders. Most garrix are 6’-7’ and weight 200-300lbs. Garrix typically live for around 120 years.

2. Culture

Garrix culture values discipline, order, and valor above all else. All adult garrix are active military personnel and have gone through boot camp, even after joining the Alliance of Free Stars.

3. History

Before joining the Alliance of Free Stars, citizenship and rights were determined by rank. Children and immigrants were considered civilians until they passed bootcamp. While this meant that garrix culture had a strong emphasis on combat training, most garrix never saw live combat. Despite first impressions, the garrix do have science, entertainment, and luxury industries, it is just that the roles in those industries were filled by officers and soldiers trained arts, music, and invention.

A. Economy

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B. Religion

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4. Government

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5. Military

The favored garrix military doctrine is troops in heavy armor supported by aerial or orbital gunships.


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