Heavenly Immortals

The phrase Heavenly Immortals refers to a group of very powerful individuals who have gained virtual immortality through cloning methods.

Using a combination of biotech, cybernetics, and cloning technology, the Immortals have their consciousness transferred to a new body upon the death of an old one. This transfer includes a backup of all skills and muscle memory possessed by the Immortal, allowing each immortal to accrue a vast and deep knowledge base over time. Some of the oldest Immortals can, through the use of special direct neural connections, single handedly command ships of the huge Dreadnought class star ship, which usually requires a crew of nearly 1,000 highly trained specialists.

The transfer process also allows a Heavenly Immortal to travel quickly across large distances by “jumping” from one body to another.

Heavenly Immortals tend to have many resources and powerful connections, as well as powerful enemies.

Few immortals have direct political agendas, viewing themselves as above and separate from the sovereign nations and corporations in Between the Voids. Most are mercenaries and specialists for hire.

Heavenly Immortals

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