Hybrid Weapons

Hybrid weapons utilize a combination of kinetic and thermal energy to damage targets. The two major subcategories of hybrid weapons are railguns and blasters.

Because they function in fundamentally different ways, no weapon is both a blaster and a railgun.


Railguns use highly powerful electromagnetic strips to accelerate small slugs to extremely high velocities. Railguns come with single shot, semi-automatic, burst fire, or automatic fire modes. Many semi-automatic railguns come with a burst and/or autofire mode.

Railgun use at the personal level is limited by the sonic barrier. A personal weapon that fires a supersonic slug would do as much damage to the shooter as the target. As such, personal scale railguns have limiters that cap their upper limit for slug speed.


Blasters ignite and fire a highly volatile, metallic gas. While the resulting bolt looks much like a laser, it does not transmit nearly instantly, as a laser would, and the bolts are even slower than railgun slugs. As such, blasters are relatively short range weapons, especially in space combat, where they cannot be used to fire much past 2-3 km.

Blasters come with single shot, semi-automatic, or burst fire modes. A few blaster can switch between semi-automatic and burst fire modes, but such weapons are rare. Blasters never come with full auto-fire, and tests to create such weapons have always resulted in the weapon overheating and exploding the entire magazine.

Hybrid Weapons

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