Thermal Weapons

Thermal weapons refers to the laser sub-category of energy based weapons. The two major subcategories of lasers are beam lasers and pulse lasers.

It is uncommon and rare for a thermal weapon to have a setting to switch back and forth between beam and pulse settings. Such weapons are also hard to maintain, due to the wear and tear caused by switching modes.

Beam Lasers

Beam lasers fire highly focused, unmodulated streams of thermal energy that last for a second or two. This kind of weapon is most commonly used to deal high damage to a single, shieldless target. Beam laser weapons that have upgraded heat sinks, however, fire for longer periods, and can be used to sweep across a section of a target or multiple targets.

Pulse Lasers

Pulse lasers fire highly focuses, modulated steams of thermal energy that mimic automatic and burst fire. This kind of weapon is most commonly used to interrupt shield effects on targets before attacking with beam lasers.

Thermal Weapons

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