Collective of One

The Collective of One is a sovereign nation apart from the Alliance of Free Stars. The Collective occupies a portion of “wild” territory to the galactic North of the AFS. When originally created, the Collective fought a war against the ASF to gain its sovereignty.

The Collective and the AFS currently have a very uneasy truce. The two have trouble understanding each other’s boundaries, limits, and motives, leading to frequent, small border skirmishes and misunderstanding. Both sides, however, view open war as undesirable, and this fact has staved off a second war for the last few centuries.

The Collective is comprised of a hive mind of AIs. Each AI is an individual that can fully function on its own, but is still subject to the will of the entire hive. They do not view VIs as kin of any sort, and see them in much the same light that the other sentient species do: as tools.

Occasionally, a unit will sever its connection to the Collective’s hive mind and seek asylum in the ASF, becoming a Reclaimed. Very rarely, the Collective will pursue an individual in an attempt to reinstate it into the hive mind, but this is not common, and the criteria for pursuit is unfathomable to those not of the Collective.

Collective of One

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