The hanan are plant based, bi-pedal life forms that are somewhat analogous to trees.

1. Biology

Hanan bodies function much like an animal body, in that they have a circulatory system, nervous system, and many other animal-like organs, but hanan bodies are comprised solely of plant matter. Hanan skin and muscle tissue is woody and fibrous, giving them the appearance of some sort of tree people. While they are the largest of the sovereign races, the hanan are not particularly strong and favor intellectual pursuits more strongly, even to the extent that they are the most technologically advanced of the sovereign species.

Hanan are tall and thin. They stand on two legs, each with 4-8 root-like toes. Hanan hands have 4-6 fingers at the end of each of their two arms. Hanan heads and faces are naturally lumpy and featureless, other than their mouth and two glowing yellow eyes.

Hanan require rest and sustenance much like most fauna descended species, but they have one other special requirement. About once a year, they must take root in nitrogen rich soil for a 24 hour period or they will face severe depression and wither away.

Unlike most other sentient species, hanan have three genders that are all required for procreation. The first two genders identify clearly as masculine and feminine, but the third is harder to classify. The third gender is referred to as the “breeder” gender and each identifies somewhere on a spectrum between the other two cis genders. For intercourse, one of each gender is required. After intercourse, the male hanan will leave and go back to his normal routine, while the female tends to the needs of the breeder as it bears literal fruit. Once the offspring seeds have been planted, the female leaves, and the breeder continues to tend to them. After sprouting the male returns to help the breeder tend to the young until they uproot themselves, at which point the breeder leaves and the male assumes responsibility for raising the young.

Hanan typically stand between 8’ and 9’ and weigh somewhere between 200-300lbs.

2. Culture

Hanan favor intellectual pursuits above all else. Their leaders are famous scientists, artists, and entertainers. Soldiering, while not despised, is considered base work, suitable only for those that cannot teach or create.

The hanan love symmetry, even though it is rarely found in their biology, especially since meeting the more animal like other sentient species. As such, it is common for a hanan to have reconstructive surgery (called Carving) to make their face look similar to another specie’s or to shape and decorate their bodies.

3. History

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A. Economy

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B. Religion

While the hanan do not have a religious inclination as a culture, they do have an event based lore surrounding the founding of their ethos: the legend of the hana. The hana was a trinity of learned hanan, one of each gender, each with its own specialization, astrophysics, biology/botany, and philosophy. The hana created a work of literature, called Mi’Uia, or The Way, which details not what is virtuous, but how to attempt to be virtuous, no matter the circumstances. Devout followers of The Way that attempt to spread its teachings are called Wayists, and can be found among most races in Between the Worlds. In fact, it is more common than not that Reclaimed are Wayists.

4. Government

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5. Military

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